Plasma Guitar Pedals – Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need to know about plasma guitar pedals

Guitar tone chasers constantly seek new sounds. Effects pedal makers keep pushing boundaries, trying crazy new ideas.

The latest invention is the plasma guitar pedal, which utilizes high voltage electrical discharges within a xenon-filled tube. This totally new and previously unexplored method produces insane overdrive by converting your analog audio signal into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges.

The plasma pedal is revolutionary, playing your signal like a bolt of electricity!

What Is A Plasma Guitar Pedal?

A plasma pedal fills a tube with xenon gas then blasts it with high voltage. This excites the atoms into glowing, storming plasma that swirls around. Your guitar signal merges into this plasma field, gets distorted and compressed, then exits transformed!

The responsive plasma reacts to your playing dynamics. Digging in harder on the strings makes the distortion thicker and more extreme. Clean playing keeps it smooth. This makes the pedal very touch sensitive – you shape the sounds by how hard you pick and strum. No other effects work this way. The plasma pedal opens up a totally new world for guitar tones!

How Plasma Pedals Work

Here’s what happens step-by-step:

  1. You plug your guitar into the pedal
  2. Your analog audio signal enters the plasma pedal
  3. Inside a xenon-filled tube gets blasted by high voltage
  4. This electricity excites plasma discharges
  5. Your guitar signal merges into the lightning storm
  6. Signal clipping and harmonic distortion occur
  7. The altered signal exits the plasma field

You control the distortion intensity because the pedal reacts to your playing dynamics. Heavy picking overdrives the plasma storm for extreme effects. Clean playing softens it. This makes the pedal incredibly responsive.

Reviewing The Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal

The most revolutionary plasma pedal comes from Gamechanger Audio. Their Plasma Pedal provides unprecedented reactive distortion textures.

The pedal has a blend knob to mix the dry signal with the plasma storm signal. A selector chooses between 15 different xenon tube reactor modes. It delivers everything from warm subtle fuzz to blistering heavy distortion!

Digging into the strings pumps up the distortion thanks to the plasma field’s sensitivity. Smooth, clean play cleans up the tone immediately. This makes the pedal insanely responsive to your attack and dynamics.

This pedal explores totally new ground, from slightly boosted grit to glitchy gated splatter. The plasma technology brings the electric guitar into the future!

Gamechanger Audio Third Man Records PLASMA Coil High Voltage Distortion Effect Pedal:

Gamechanger Audio collaborated with Jack White’s Third Man Records label for a limited-run Plasma Coil distortion pedal, taking the plasma pedal concept even further.

The Plasma Coil incorporates an extra pre-gain transformer stage in a custom yellow and black enclosure to create blistering high-voltage saturation. A toggle switch selects standard High Voltage mode or an insane 5000+ volt Psycho Plasma setting that induces lightning-strike lightning-fast staccato akin to a demonic instrument possessed.

Blend knobs allow the mixing of the dry input signal against towering plasma screeches to taste. For the heaviest reactive distortion experience imaginable, the Third Man Records Plasma Coil tears a black hole into unexplored dimensional overdrive regions no basic plasma unit could hope to reach. This beastly special edition plasma distortion is not for the faint of heart!

Famous Players Using Plasma Effect Units

While still a relatively new invention, adventurous musicians across genres are embracing the otherworldly tones plasma guitar pedals provide.

Progressive rock band Rishloo features the Plasma Pedal prominently for textural lead guitar tones. For a noisy punk edge, punk guitarist Frank Iero smears blistering plasma distortion across his solo work.

Jazz great Pat Metheny modulates his crystal-clean tones with subtle plasma sustain and compression. On the other end of the spectrum, the technical metal band Periphery utilizes plasma effects during live shows for the reactive attack they add. Music technology YouTube gear demos overwhelmingly praise plasma distortion’s sensitivity and harmonic richness.

As more guitarists discover this revolutionary technology, famous musicians adopting plasma pedal sounds will undoubtedly continue growing exponentially.

More Than Just A Distortion Pedal

While the plasma pedal dominates with its reactive distortion, subtle effects reveal its magic too. Low intensity plasma settings add liquid-smooth compression and buttery sustain.

Jazz guitar clean tones become rich and vocal-like through gentle plasma compression. Blues players get tasty breakups, adding life without drowning the tone. The EQ fattens up tones.

And the signal remains noise-free because no transistors or circuits are inside the xenon tube. It’s just purified gas interacting with your guitar signal. This lets you boost clean tones without unwanted fuzz.

Creative Routing Options

Savvy guitarists mix pedals together for wild tones. Stacking overdrives before plasma devices creates insanely touch-sensitive distortion! The plasma field reacts hard to other pedals.

Running flangers, phasers, and pitch pedals after plasma processing warps modulation effects in new ways. The 15 reactor modes ensure limitless tone combinations!

Even synths, vocals, and full mixes run through plasma compression. Parallel plasma glues mixes nicely. This shows how the technology goes way beyond guitar effects!

Beyond the Guitar – Plasma’s Place in the Mix

While plasma technology offers obvious tone-shaping potential for guitarists, creative musicians, and producers also utilize plasma devices on other instruments and even full mixes. Thanks to its dynamic compression and sustain capabilities, plasma processing graces recordings of all genres.

The Plasma Pedal elicits richer, low-end, sculpting transients into flowing sound waves on synth bass lines and pads. Vocals run through plasma compression to obtain thickness and body while modulating pleasingly in response to singer dynamics. The smooth plasma sustain effect works similarly on brass and woodwind solos, allowing more seamless lyrical lines.

And pushing full mixes into the Plasma Pedal yields that iconic “glued-together” sound of parallel compression, fattening up arrangements. Savvy producers and mix engineers like Eric Valentine and Joe Barresi often strapped distressors across mix busses to glue mixes together. The Plasma Pedal achieves similar unified compression.

Finally, in the mastering stage plasma technology proves useful for adding density and perceived loudness. Subtle plasma compression run on full mixes in the mastering chain allows pushing levels louder without damaging transients or inducing harshness. The process invites a bit of the vinyl warmth often strived for in mastering.

So while offering revolutionary guitar distortion capability, creative recording engineers are just starting to explore plasma processing uses across instruments, sub-groups, and full mixes. This technology transcends any category, enhancing tone and responding dynamically regardless of the audio source. Expect plasma devices to spread into professional studios as their benefits become more widely known.

The Future of Plasma Processing

Plasma pedals pioneer reactive guitar effects and point to a future of custom tailored distortion and compression. More responsive playing experiences will emerge through clever plasma processing!

And early plasma devices seem merely the beginning. Once engineers harness this technology further, unbelievable musical creations await! Plasma opens up unexplored sound-shaping dimensions across all music gear. It’s a brave new world for tone chasers!

So strap on your plasma distortion launchpad to explore the future of radically reactive guitar tones! Behind the xenon tube lies undiscovered effects frontiers. Fire up your imagination and set controls for the outer limits!

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